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Weda Pool Cleaner

Weda Pool Cleaner
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Autonomous and semi autonomous WEDA underwater robots and ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) enables efficient cleaning with long term and cost effective operation. Highest quality components ensures low maintenance cost and fast Return on Investment.
Heavy Duty Industrial and Waterworks Reservoir Cleaning Systems provide on-line cleaning without disrupting production or shutting down lines. It's the safest and most efficient method of cleaning.
WEDA of today has specialised in under water cleaning solutions with automatic and semi automatic robots. The cleaners are developed in cooperation with the end users in the pool industry, water and sewage industry and general industry world wide. The cleaners are built around the more than 50 years experience within WEDA of pumps for underwater usage. WEDA is a privately owned Swedish Corporation with its manufacturing facility in Sweden and world wide sales through a network of subsidiaries and distributors.


Address: 1407 Parkway View Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
(757) 515-4338

Troy Lehman, Lead Tech Consult.

Anders Norrman, Pres.



Manufacturer Brands: Weda™

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