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VIP Solutions LLC

VIP Solutions LLC

VIP Solutions, LLC is the Sole Manufacturer of the AquaTrek2.
Our custom manufactured systems have a full 12 inch tread depth with a 600 pound weight capacity. Aquatrek2 provides standard and ADA access options on both step and ladder systems.
AquaTrek2 pool steps can be placed and removed by a single person for frequent removal.
Aquatrek2 ladder systems are ideal for long term placement as it requires 2-3 people to place and remove.
Each AquaTrek2 pool access system is custom built to fit the pool & gutter type, slope and depths to provide a custom built access system with low riser heights to specifically fit your pool. AquaTrek2 products are backed by a nationwide dealer representation of all 50 States and International sales across the globe.
AquaTrek2 products come with a full 1 year Manufacturer warranty.
VIP Solutions builds each system with a standard for product quality that will far exceed the warranty.
Visit our webpage at for detailed information on our pool access products that includes pool steps, ladders, ramps, transfer systems and various sizes in our aquatic wheelchairs to accommodate everyone.
The AquaTrek2 brand was founded with the goal of providing a cost effective solution for swimming pools. AquaTrek2 products has built a reputation of a long lasting life, great customer service and product quality.
Get everyone in the pool with Aquatrek2.


Address: 3309 Fiechtner Dr., Unit 3
Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 293-9175
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Douglas Hancock, Managing Dir.



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