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Valcon Industries, Inc.

Valcon Industries, Inc.
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Valcon Industries Offers Long Term Solutions for Professional & Industrial UseWhether your projects include tanks, cisterns, swimming pools, pool decks, spas, water drains, reservoirs, fountains, balconies, seawalls, driveways, walkways, basements, garages, retaining walls, positive/negative water pressure situations, or man holes, Valcon Industries offers superior products to clean, restore, stabilize, preserve, and waterproof surfaces.


Address: 6321 Porter Rd., Ste. 11
Sarasota, FL 34240
(941) 706-3366
(866) 311-9737
(866) 515-5379

William Reed, Dir. Opr.

Peter Chin, C.E.O./Pres.



Manufacturer Brands: Etchex™||Flex'Crete™||Geltekk™||Liquaseal™||Restructor™

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