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Universal Minerals, Inc.

Universal Minerals, Inc.
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Universal Minerals, Inc. (UMI) is a leading global supplier of Natural Magnetite Iron Oxides (Ore) for non-metallurgical applications including coal washing, water treatment chemicals, soil additives and foundry sand. UMI supplies its customers under exclusive contracts with its source mines located in Central and South America. Before dispatching our magnetite cargoes, we take every step to ensure quality. All of our shipments are backed up by quality reports from ISO 9001 independent laboratories.
With over 75 years combined experience in iron ore mining and freight logistics, UMI provides high grade magnetite to meet our customer's requirements at a competitive price.


Address: 510 Bering Dr., Ste. 455
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 797-0054
(800) 528-7086
(713) 797-1014

Gary Birdwell, V.P. Sls.

Nathan Gutierrez, Sls.



Manufacturer Brands: Maxxclean®||Maxxstrip® Abrasive

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