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Ultra Polymers, Inc.

Ultra Polymers, Inc.

Ultra Poly One Coat is a VOC-free hybrid epoxy coating made to refurbish pools, fountains, slides and other water features. Just one coat will coat plaster, concrete, fiberglass, metal and previously painted pools. No primer coat or top coat is needed.
Ultra Poly One Coat is chemical and UV resistant, and offers a 15-year warranty. It is odor-free, non-hazardous and easy to apply using standard paint rollers.
The process is easy and fast. Clean with a citric-based cleaner instead of acid-washing and neutralizing. Pressure wash instead of sandblasting. Mix the components and apply in a single coat with standard rollers. Cure for about 24 hours, then fill your pool.
Ultra Poly One Coat is VOC-free, making it easy to transport, export and store.


Address: 200 Laurel Ave.
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