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The Unblockable Drain Cover Co.

The Unblockable Drain Cover Co.
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Pool and spa drains can be an entrapment hazard for swimmers. New laws have been passed (nationally, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, in Minnesota the Abigail Taylor Pool Safety Act) to eliminate this hazard. There are several ways pools and spas can comply with this law. The Unblockable Drain Cover™ is one of the easiest ways to comply with the law.
Our parent company and employees have over 35 years experience in pools and water treatment. We have dealt with ALL aspects of pools, pool water, pool construction, ALL areas of concern to pool owners, with an emphasis on commercial/public pools. This division is specializing in the new laws and unblockable pool covers. We can assist you in determining WHAT specifically you need to become compliant in the most economical way for your pool.
We have available, in several sizes, our stainless steel Unblockable Drain Cover™ and plastic unblockable drain covers that can be easily installed over existing drain covers. These products meet ANSI/ASME standards.


Address: 268 S. Broadway
Wells, MN 56097
(800) 253-7235
(507) 863-2367

John Szymanski, Sls.



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