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The Play Company

The Play Company

We’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing exciting, fun and affordable inflatables to the play and leisure industries for three decades now. In a nutshell, we’re experts in all things bouncy, full of air and fun.
The service we offer is brilliant and complete. From consultancy to concept, from design to installation and, of course, on-going maintenance. And, we’ll do a bespoke design and quote for free!
Operating from our bounce factory in Tredegar, South Wales, we’re always seeking out new and innovative ways to create bouncy, energetic and splashy experiences. We stay ahead with evolving demands, the latest advances in design and changes in safety legislation, so we can always offer you truly fantastic products.
We’re passionate about safe, exceptionally well-designed inflatables and play items for enjoyment, health and fitness. Finding the right solution for you and your customers is really important to us. You know the activity or play experience you want, so we’ll work together to make it happen.


Address: Mill Spring, NC
P.O. Box 275
(828) 215-9967
(800) 872-1319

Daniel Brenman, Owner



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