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The Finals

The Finals
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Several years ago, an athlete turned businessman had a bold idea. Like many great ideas, it was basically simple. He believed it was possible to sell, through the mail, the highest quality swimwear at HALF THE RETAIL PRICE. The key to this money-saving concept was a method called EXCLUSIVE FACTORY-DIRECT MARKETING.
Exclusive factory-direct marketing means we sell our products at TRUE WHOLESALE PRICES, exclusively to you. We don't sell to stores or other distributors. There's no middleman, no inflated retail mark-up, and that cuts the price you pay virtually in half. Our products are shipped to you DIRECT from our own factory, a modern, computerized facility where we design and manufacture some of America's best swimwear.


Address: 21 Minisink Ave.
Port Jervis, NY 12771
(845) 858-4141
(800) 345-3485
(845) 858-4193



Manufacturer Brands: The Finals®

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