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Tailwind Furniture

Tailwind Furniture
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Add style to your yard while saving the earth!
All furniture is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE 2), made from post-consumer and post-industrial milk containers and makes us proud to wear the recycled hat. Each time you purchase a piece of Tailwind Furniture, you’re making a contribution to the earth’s future.
Fade-resistant furniture that withstands any climate.
Tailwind Furniture is backed with our five-year residential warranty. It’s so sturdy and durable that you will never need to store it. Leave it outside year round -- whether you live in the heat of the desert or in the extreme cold. Plus, all of the Tailwind Furniture is made with a UV inhibitor that resists fading. Your furniture will not rot or splinter or absorb moisture. It is unaffected by most corrosive substances.


Address: 195 W. Stephenie Dr.
Cortland, IL 60112
PO Box 129
(815) 756-3638
(815) 765-3632

Crystal Oksas, Sls.



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