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Six decades ago a young man had a dream to build the best competitive swim suits. He wanted to make suits that competitive swimmers wanted and needed, not what some bikini company thought would sell. In 1966 he made the first colored gum rubber racing cap, in 1977 the original swedish goggle and in 1980 the first cross back suit for competitive swimmers. Product development and innovation continues to this day. Over 75% of the company's product line wasn't made 5 years ago.
He had always made lifeguard suits, but in the late 70's and early 80's he witnessed a shocking trend in the lifeguard industry. No standard of care. Guards weren't taking responsibility. No pride in what they did. Wanting to reinvent the guard industry he developed a line of equipment that guards wanted and could take pride in.
Today Gulbenkian Swim offers one of the largest and most complete lines of guard gear and medical equipment for guards in the industry.


Address: 16 Beaver Rd., Ste. A
Danbury, CT 06810
(203) 798-7829
(203) 791-1449

Todd Frascarelli, Sls. Mgr.



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