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Meet SwimDek, the luxurious aquatic surface that brings safety and style to spas, hot tubs and fiberglass pools, with additional uses for waterslides, diving boards, starting blocks, and more. Manufactured in the USA from soft, durable, closed cell EVA foam that will not absorb water, SwimDek provides exceptional traction for slick spa and hot tub surfaces, while remaining aesthetically pleasing and supple underfoot. SwimDek is available in a wide range of colors, textures, and styles, delivering unparalleled functionality with refined elegance.
By utilizing a robust acrylic-based 3MTM pressure sensitive adhesive, SwimDek features an easy peel-and-stick application that forms a lasting bond. Manufactured at their plant in Rockledge, Florida, SwimDek boasts a substantial production capacity that can keep up with their largest OEM customers.
As the sister company of SeaDek Marine Products, the industry leader in EVA marine flooring, SwimDek has over two decades of innovation and manufacturing experience. With an expert design and engineering team, SwimDek creates custom projects that turn spas into works of art. Trusted by some of the largest spa manufacturers in the world, industry professionals choose SwimDek.


Address: 5440 Schenck Ave.
Rockledge, FL 32955
(321) 210-7777
(888) 964-6860

Chuck Yates, V.P. Sls.



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