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Surving Studios

Surving Studios
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Surving Studios designs and produces bas-relief art tile with a nature theme. The tiles with frogs, lizards, bugs and fish were introduced in 1991 at the Crafts Fairs and in 1992 at the International Tile Exposition in Miami. At that time very little tile art was available and none with frogs and lizards. It was an immediate success.Natalie Surving sculpts the animal designs and Richard specializes in the human form. The company also does custom sculpture and tile for major installations.


Address: 17 Millsburg Rd.
Middletown, NY 10940
(845) 355-1430
(800) 768-4954
(267) 552-0019

Natalie Surving, Pres.

Ken Crissinger, Mgr.



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