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Superflex Ltd.

Superflex Ltd.
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Superflex Ltd., a New York based company engaged in the manufacturing of flexible spiral reinforced hoses and electrical conduit. Since its foundation in 1981, Superflex has expanded to become a leading force in the hose industry.
Our products have multiple applications used by, but not limited to the marine craft, aquatic, pond, spa, electrical conduit, agricultural, recreational vehicle, and industrial sectors.
The quality of Superflex goods is world renowned. This is reflected in many of Superflex's products approved or recognized by Underwriter Laboratories, Canadian Standard Association, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, U.S.D.A. for meat & poultry industries, 3A for the dairy industry, also FDA compliance for the food & beverage industry.


Address: 152 44th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(718) 768-1400
(718) 768-5065

Yigal Elbaz, Pres.

Gil Elbaz, Sls.



Manufacturer Brands: Rollerflex™||Sealproof®

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