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Sunbelt Spas Mfg. Co.

Sunbelt Spas Mfg. Co.

Here at Sunbelt, we don’t just make spas, we own them and use them. When we add another feel-good feature to our spas, we know it really does feel good because we’ve felt if for ourselves. Just like you, we have our daily share of aches and pains, and when we say a Sunbelt Spa soothes the body, we can say it with confidence because we’ve been soothed ourselves. Other spa makers are portable spa factories with limited options. We are a real life spa provider- building your spa for your lifestyle.
At Sunbelt Spas, we are committed to providing you with the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. A treat for body and mind, a treatment for aches and pains. Swirling aqua-massage, aroma therapy, stereo sound, and lighting to suit your mood… we engage all the senses to give you full-body, full-mind stress relief that rejuvenates, exuberates, and leaves a heavenly, “good all over” feeling that lasts and lasts. Nothing else that feels so good is so good for you.
A Sunbelt Spa adds pleasure to your life, benefits to your health, and value to your home. We make them better to satisfy us, the better to satisfy you.


Address: 3924 Dunvale
Houston, TX 77063
(281) 575-9814
(800) 258-7727
(281) 575-0497
(800) 258-SPAS

Chris Harpham, Sls. Mgr.

Craig McKinney, Purch. Mgr.



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