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StrechCordz® Resistance Gear by NZ Mfg., Inc.

StrechCordz® Resistance Gear by NZ Mfg., Inc.
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NZ Manufacturing began their journey in 1985 producing the highest quality resistive exercise products for swim training, physical rehabilitation, sports training and general fitness. The StrechCordz® line of swim training products provide an array of in-water swimming tethers, spa tethers and grudge belts to dry-land resistance training products for the competitive as well as novice swimmer.
StrechCordz® resistance training tools improve stamina, power, speed, and stroke and Individual Medley times for swimmers. Both in-water and dry-land equipment are engineered for comfort and quality to conveniently assist swimmers of all ages and competitive swim training.
MediCordz® resistance training tools are a result of requests by therapists, chiropractors and patients for physical therapy and rehabilitation needs. Designed for maximum function and comfort, MediCordz products increase range of motion, strengthens muscles, improves flexibility and helps prevent future injuries.
TurfCordz® high-level training products provide the tools to achieve increased agility and strength. These tools offer security and reliability, enabling leading professional sport teams and International Olympians to train with TurfCordz tools for explosive start drills, power-building footwork and simulated play action.
All products are made in the USA!


Address: 412 Commerce St.
Tallmadge, OH 44278
(330) 634-0271
(800) 886-6621
(855) 387-0214



Manufacturer Brands: MediCordz®||StrechCordz®||TurfCordz®

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