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SP&S Swimming Pool & Spa Equipment

SP&S Swimming Pool & Spa Equipment
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In the fall of 1969 a company was born that had one mission -
To make public swimming a healthy experience for all bathers regardless of age or ability. If there is a smell to swimming pool water it has the potential of making people sick. If you can smell chlorine or the dirty locker room stench - there is a potential health problem. Since those early days we have never looked back. Searching for new methods and concepts with time proven results.


Address: 1111 Gorham St., Unit 8
Newmarket, ON L3Y 8X8 CANADA
(905) 836-2747
(800) 761-4941
(905) 836-0326
(800) 513-5141

Dennis Ashworth, Pres.

Dan Laurencelle, Sls.



Manufacturer Brands: Wow 1234 Flow Cell

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