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Spirec N.A., Inc.

Spirec N.A., Inc.
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Since 1972, Spirec has been an industry-leader in the development of compact cylindrical-plate heat exchangers for the commercial and industrial market with more than 25,000 units in use in the USA and Canada and over 150,000 units in use worldwide.
Spirec's patented cylindrical-plate heat exchanger utilizes a dimpled plate technology that increases the heat transfer rate and reinforces the interior wall - creating a strong, more compact, and efficient unit.
Our standard line of prime surface cylindrical plate heat exchangers are all welded stainless steel and designed for liquid, gas, and vapor heat transfer. Normal liquid flows range from 0.1 gpm to 50 gpm and vapor-gas flows to 400 lbs/hr. In addition, we offer compact round extended-surface cylindrical plate units for up to 2,000 scfm for low-pressure gas to liquid heat transfer applications.
The standard line of prime surface cylindrical plate heat exchangers are available in seven stock sizes with heat transfer surface areas from 0.7 sq. ft. to 15 sq. ft.


Address: 50 E. 17th St.
Paterson, NJ 07524
(973) 569-9277
(800) 910-7330
(973) 569-9297

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