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SolarAttic's solar pool heater story is a historical development in alternative energy technology. SolarAttic developed its second generation attic solar pool heater PCS2 (pool convection system two) after over 15 years of field experience with its first generation attic solar pool heater. SolarAttic then developed its third generation system PCS3 after 20 years of field experience with the technology we invented and patented. The first generation attic solar pool heater PCS1 demonstrated that it could perform on par with a panel solar pool heater. This means that SolarAttic solar pool heaters are capable of adding up to six weeks on each side of your swimming season.
Plus, SolarAttic solar pool heaters provide the whole family with a more enjoyable swimming season. The cost to operate attic solar pool heaters is typically only $10 per month at 10 cents per kilowatt in electricity costs. Even though the operating costs of the SolarAttic solar pool heaters are already low, it is also offset by substantive energy savings in the form of reduced air conditioning costs. The SolarAttic solar pool heater cools your home as it heats your pool. Customers have told us that this typically results in a 25-35% reduction in air conditioning costs. When your pool pump is also controlled by the solar control that automates the heater, it further reduces energy costs. It does this by minimizing the pump's operating time and means that the pool pump will only run when the pool is being heated.


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