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Sentry UV, Inc.

Sentry UV, Inc.
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Founded in 1995 by Roy & Mark UnderwoodSentry UV, Inc. is well established as one of the industry’s leading ultraviolet manufacturing companies with excellent results in various UV sterilization applications.Roy Underwood, N.D. President of Sentry UV, Inc. (“Sentry”) has studied under Dr. Bolton of Bolton Photosciences, Inc. IUVA continuing educational programs and others and continues to use Bolton’s UVCal to confirm NSF and EPA science for Sentry reactors. Sentry has helped establish UV and its many applications, such as, chloramines destruction, improved air quality with a patent for the evaporator coil, where pathogens live and breed, to a patented process for sewage vents thus helping eliminate one of the main culprits of the “Sick Building Syndrome”.
Reinventing our UV’s to allow for a smaller foot print through factoring in reflectivity from highly polished stainless steel setting an industry standard for many. Making maintenance of our UV’s easier with patented Quick Disconnects, thus allowing easy access to the quartz sleeves for cleaning and inspection and eliminating the need, in most applications, for a Manuel or Automated wiper system, plus Sentry’s successful disinfection for slow flow rates to much faster flow rates. As the world and many industries are finding out about UV and its benefits, look for Sentry UV to continue to make this all natural very GREEN science available for new applications. By setting precedence for performance, reliability, and affordability you can always rely on Sentry Ultraviolet products.
Disinfection with Successful ResultsRoy Underwood/Sentry has worked with NASA to Koi Ponds to importers of tropical fish to Bass Pro shops and Zoos and also as one of the first and largest providers to the commercial pool industry. Helping many industries achieve safe water and air with all natural GREEN UV to disinfect potential pathogens and chemicals. The vision at Sentry does not stop here; we are very focused and expect to show how UV can be used for future uses.


Address: 2935 N.E. Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30360
(770) 452-0952
(800) 536-8180
(770) 685-6576

Mark Underwood, Mgr.



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