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In 1998, the year of the famous ice storm, the founder of Solarium International de Paris, Mr. Jean St-Amour, headed a construction firm named Paris Construction inc. That firm specialized in renovations following disasters and dealt primarily with major insurance companies such as Allstate of Canada. The ice storm was a major disaster for Quebec but a revelation for Mr. St-Amour. In the very middle of the disaster, the news reported the collapse of pools, house roofs and solariums. Conclusion: no rigid surface had withstood the ice. That observation reminded Mr. St-Amour about La Fontaine's fable, "The Oak and the Reed", which commented on the reality of the uprooted oak that could not withstand the wind.
At that time, he came up with the idea of finding a material that was more solid than glass yet flexible, like the reed in the fable. It had to be able to withstand the wind, and bear up under the weight of snow, another essential factor. Yet, could the ability to bend go hand in hand with the ability to withstand tearing ? Jean St-Amour did a great deal of research into materials and one in particular caught his attention: a space-age material used by NASA which had proven to be light, yet resistant. A unique formulation, a new type of vinyl called polymer, combined resistance to the cold, elasticity, memory and light weight. The first step in creating our solarium was taken.
Once this polymer film was combined with an aluminum structure, the product was patented and marketed. The Solarium International de Paris polymer solarium is unique in the world. It was invented and manufactured in Quebec. The first solarium was launched on the Quebec market in January 1999. Today, after 10 years of operation, it has brought pleasure to more than 25,000 families in Quebec, France and the United States.


Address: 8120 Charles - Edouard - Renaud
Terrebonne, QC J7M 2E9 CANADA
(450) 477-4441
(888) 301-1444
(450) 477-9565

Jean St-Amour, Pres.



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