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Safewater Systems, Inc.

Safewater Systems, Inc.

Anytime electricity is near a body of water such as a swimming pool, boat dock, boat lift or marina, there is the potential for danger . . . danger in the form of electric shock or even a fatal accident by electrocution due to electric current in the water. Since electricity can’t be seen and is virtually invisible, swimmers are unaware of the potential danger lurking in the water, until it is too late and a serious accident occurs!
Our Shock-Guard 24/7 ™ Volt Detector and Alarm System of pool safety products will warn of this hazard and creates a safe environment for swimming or for people who work and play around the water. Shock-Guard 24/7 ™ monitors the water for the presence of electricity 24 hours a day. When as little as 5 volts of electric current is detected (up to 240V) in the water, it triggers a built-in alarm buzzer, warning of the potential danger and trips a GFI circuit. Shock-Guard 24/7 ™ continues to make loud buzzer chirps every 5 seconds for up to 24 hours or until the source of electricity is stopped or the unit is deactivated.


Address: 130 W. Marion Ave.
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D.A. "Skip" McTighe, C.E.O.



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