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Rocky Mountain Sunscreen

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen
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In 1989, on a bright, sunny day in Keystone, Colorado, David Erickson, a supplier to ski resorts and national parks since 1982, conceived Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. As he worked with his retailers high in the Rocky Mountains, he noticed skiers that were sun burning and demanding a sunscreen that would work in high altitude. Erickson identified what he felt was an un-addressed market and decided to launch Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. With an existing customer base, he interviewed three different chemists to help build his formula. Erickson partnered with the one that was most knowledgeable about UV exposure and was personally dealing with skin cancer. Following three years of research and development, the first bottle of Rocky Mountain Sunscreen was shipped in December 1992.
The fruit of Erickson's labor is an elite, broad spectrum sun protection product that is greaseless, very water resistant (80 minutes), PABA and fragrance free. Fortified with aloe and antioxidants, the sunscreen is formulated as a daily moisturizer - safe for daily use on the face and under women's makeup. The unique bonding base formula works by interlocking with the top epidural layer of the skin unlike wax based and film based sunscreens. Bonding base sunscreens will not clog the pores and allow the body to breathe and sweat. All Rocky Mountain Sunscreen products meet or exceed every current FDA standard.
Rocky Mountain Sunscreen supports local education events and programs that focus on skin cancer prevention and awareness. David Erickson currently sits on the Skin Cancer Task Force for the Colorado Cancer Coalition ( He meets monthly with researchers from the University of Colorado Health Science Center, dermatologists, educational resource executives, and health professionals with the single goal of reducing skin cancer within the State of Colorado and in the Rocky Mountain area. With funds granted from the CDC, this dynamic group created, a website for the citizens, outdoor workers, and children of Colorado.


Address: 14700 W. 66th Pl., #2
Arvada, CO 80004
(303) 940-9803
(888) 356-8899
(303) 940-9809

David Erickson, Pres.

Sean Zimmerman, Gen. Mgr.



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