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RockCraft Designs

RockCraft Designs
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RockCraft Boulders are the most natural looking boulders on the market today, having the most realistic finish and colors available. Our concrete boulders offer Fun for children and Fitness for all. Bouldering has the adventure of rock climbing without the need for training or safety equipment being only a few feet off the ground. Our designs offer the best full-body workout to our climbers as they maneuver up and around boulders, strengthening their core, improving coordination, balance, flexibility, mental focus and physical strength.


Address: Unit #8-1865 Sargent Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0E4 CANADA
(866) 786-1635
(204) 774-6099

Cathy Reid, N. Amer. Sls. Coord.



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