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R.S.D. Systems, Inc.

R.S.D. Systems, Inc.
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Aqua Creations is a swimming pool contracting company specializing in the formulation and installation of fiberglass resurfacing. In 1991, Richard Dietz, the founder and president of Aqua Creations introduced Aqua-Glass™ fiberglass resurfacing to the Southern California market. The goal he set for his company was to develop the most user-friendly, longest lasting swimming pool surface. With the help of chemists, chemical engineers, and his 50+ years of working with fiberglass laminates, he set out to offer a viable fiberglass alternative.
Aqua Creations has risen to the top of the Southern California market by introducing a longer lasting, corrosion-resistant pool surface that can be done in a variety of custom colors. From 1996 through 2008, Aqua Creations was the only fiberglass resurfacing company to win the Best Alternative Surfacing award at the Western Pool & Spa Show, one of the largest industry expos in the United States.
Aqua Creations has introduced new and innovative systems to an industry that heretofore was barely scratching the surface. Aqua Creations is committed to the role of industry leader in fiberglass technology. Our Company philosophy is always first and foremost to their customers; that is, to put principle before profit!


Address: 1547 Los Angeles Ave., Ste. 108
Ventura, CA 93004
(805) 672-1695
(800) 452-7731
(805) 672-1694

Richard E. Dietz, Pres.

Eric Jones, Corp. Secy.



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