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Pureion, LLC

Pureion, LLC

Pureion’s founder, RJ Wagner, was troubled by the practices of the swimming pool industry. The cycle of using noxious chemicals to manage swimming pool water is backwards. The use of one chemical compound triggers the need for others. Caustic compounds damage pool equipment, surfaces and irritate swimmers.
The focus of most treatment programs is sanitation. Yet the practice of dumping loads of chlorine and stabilizer into the pool destroys the water chemistry and knocks the pH out of balance. The very practice of using these methods makes it more difficult to sanitize the water.
RJ knew that maintaining pH within the optimal range was the key to managing swimming pool water. Nearly 20 years ago (and after studying chemistry at the university level) RJ made the first generation of what was to become the Pureion Wave™. Over the ensuing years, RJ refined the technology into a simple and elegant process that streams pH balancing ions into the pool filtration system that maintains pH balance, controls algae, microorganisms, alkalinity and total hardness.


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R.J. Wagner, Pres./Owner

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