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Pulse Instruments
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In 2000, Pulse Instruments celebrated its 25th anniversary in Imager Testing. In 1975, Infrared and CCD Imager technologies were in their infancy, and test equipment for Infrared and CCD imagers was non-existent. Pulse Instruments introduced the first commercially available tester. Since then, our equipment has become the industry standard for characterization and R&D testing.
The recent explosion in image sensing devices with multiple outputs has driven demand for low cost, scalable A/D data acquisition systems. We are continuing our commitment to innovation, and in October of 2002 Pulse Instruments announced the PI-3105 Multi-Channel Data Acquisition System.
The underlying theme of all Pulse Instruments' products is flexibility. The CompactPCI architecture of our newest equipment and the "mainframe" concept of our 4000 series allow the instruments and systems to be easily configured to meet your immediate and future needs. Our new PI-3105 has low-cost, swappable A/D modules for reconfiguration in the field. This concept has enabled us to produce instruments and fully integrated test systems that are ideal for research and development, characterization and low-cost production testing.
Our product line is designed and serviced by experienced test engineers who understand your needs. Software upgrades and a one year warranty on all products ensure that Pulse Instruments will be an immediate and long term asset to your team. Consulting services and Application Engineering are also available.


Address: 943 Flynn Rd.
Camarillo, CA 93012
(818) 909-0800
(800) 462-1926
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