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Poolguard/PBM Industries, Inc.

Poolguard/PBM Industries, Inc.
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As families enjoy home swimming pools this summer, it is critical to remember the deadly hazards a pool can pose and take every precaution against the tragic possibility of a child drowning. Increasing numbers of pool owners now add pool alarms to the layers of protection that can help prevent a deadly accident. These alarms are designed to sound a warning if a child falls into the water.
Poolguard is the source for all your pool safety alarms.


Address: 1150 W. JFK Dr.
North Vernon, IN 47265
P.O. Box 658
(812) 346-2648
(800) 242-7163
(812) 346-2650

Merle I. Stoner, Pres.

Ben Stoner, V.P. Sls.



Manufacturer Brands: Poolguard||Poolguard®

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