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Pool Software

Pool Software

The Newest professional version of PC PoolPal Pro is a powerful tool for the retail store or pool service professional. Unlimited customer database profile, includes name, address, phone, pool equipment used, water test history, notes section and a lot more.
As you enter your customers name address and contact information, pool type, equipment used, your recommended chemical brand, even your company logo, you just click save, and you can now generate a unique PPC (Pool Profile Code) for your customers software.
The pool customer now goes home and installs the pool owner version of PC PoolPal, and when prompted, they simply enter the unique PPC that you provided for them, then they click save, and instantly the software is updated thru the internet with all of the exact equipment manuals and product information that you provided from your store. The Pool owners software, will never be out of date, because you are in control of its contents. They never have to look for instructions on how to care for their pool, it's now in a custom interactive CD that you created from your store with your company logo on the main menu.
PC PoolPal Saves you money on customer call backs during the busy season. Happy customers are loyal customers, allowing you more time to get back to business. Affordable enough to include with every new pool you sell.


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