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Pool List U.S.A.

Pool List U.S.A.
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Pool List USA is a subsidiary of Ford Printing and Mailing. Pool List USA has been serving the needs of the swimming pool industry for more than 30 years. Pool List USA manages and maintains one of the country’s largest databases of single-family homes with swimming pools and services swimming pool companies coast-to-coast.
Pool List USA is family owned and operated and means you get personal service and you’ll talk to a human when you call.
We are located in Southern California in a region known as the San Gabriel Valley in the county of Los Angeles. We been here for over 40 years and continue to grow strong through the second generation of ownership.


Address: 1440 Arrow Hwy., Unit F
Irwindale, CA 91706
(626) 968-3673
(800) 429-8651

Loren Ford, V.P.

Troy Ford, Pres.



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