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OpenAire, Inc.

OpenAire, Inc.
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OpenAire designs, manufactures and installs the world’s most reliable and elegant retractable roof structres and skylights. Our exclusive, maintenance-free aluminum truss systems are capable of spanning buildings more than 165? (50m) wide.
Our customized designs transform restaurants, malls and banquet facilities into sunlit spaces that customers love. Our energy-efficient, LEED-certified enclosures transform waterparks and aquatic centers from summertime treats to year-round local and tourist destinations.


Address: 2360 B Cornwall Rd.
Oakville, ON L6J 7T9 CANADA
(855) 426-9208
(905) 901-9662

Mark Albertine, Pres.

David Bolwerk, V.P. Sls. & Mktg.



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