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Odyssey Systems

Odyssey Systems

Solar Blanket Reels by Odyssey Systems
With the growing popularity of solar blankets (floating polyethylene pool covers that keep in heat and reduce chemical use), ODYSSEY SYSTEMS was founded to address the need for an easier way to place or remove, and store them.
Since that time, the company has made continuous improvements to their product line, with new systems and innovations such as the Ultra-Glide needle bearing race for easy one-hand roll-up and also flip-up casters for case of portability
The MUCK VAC is another innovative product designed to aid the back yard pond keeper as well as fountain and water feature owners. The product vacuums out dirt and debris without causing turbidity so that fish and plants do not have to be removed during cleaning. It has no moving parts and works simply by harnessing the power of ordinary garden hose pressure.
Odyssey Systems is a division of TRI-STAR PLASTICS, INC. of Anaheim, California. Tri-Star maintains a 45,000 square foot plastic molding and manufacturing plant where high quality components and assemblies are produced for various industries.


Address: 3122 Maple St.
Santa Ana, CA 92707
(949) 498-9454
(949) 361-0608

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