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Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins

Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins
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I started in the pool business in San Diego in the late ‘70’s. In 1981, my then-employer (Neptune Pools) sent me to Texas. In 1984, the California headquarters abruptly went out of business, leaving many Austin-area homeowners with unfinished pools. I immediately founded Ocean Quest Pools in Austin, and finished every one of those unfinished Neptune pools.
Over the next fifteen years, our Ocean Quest team built and perfected the vanishing edge concept and the “natural pool“ concept, and many other innovative designs. In the twelve years from 1987 to 1998, we won well over one hundred industry awards.
Since that time, we’ve built close to 1000 beautiful, innovative and energy-efficient swimming pools - some "vanishing edge," some "perimeter overflow," some truly spectacular "backyard resorts," and many wonderful yet very budget-friendly backyard swimming pools. At last count, we’d won more than 60 additional awards, which puts my lifetime total well over 200.
In 2004 we gained the exclusive rights to carry the world-famous Jacuzzi hot tubs. some years later, we added Nordic hot tubs, and "swim spas" from Premium Leisure.


Address: 2606 S. Interstate 35
Belton, TX 76513
(254) 933-8370
(254) 933-8366

Lew Akins, Owner



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