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Neoterics, Inc.

Neoterics, Inc.
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Our motto is Innovation at Work!
And we are at work - introducing the BLASTER Automatic Filter Cleaners that automatically clean your swimming pool cartridge filters. The Blaster was designed from the ground up, and with 2 years in development was engineered from a new perspective in cleaning filters -- namely, the horizontal orientation of the filter and auto rotation.
The BLASTER 1000TM will accommodate filters up to 20" in length, the BLASTER 2000TM will handle filters up to 27" in length, and the BLASTER 3000TM will tackle filters up to 34" in length.
We are located in beautiful Corona, CA where it is sunny and warm most of the year -- which makes for great swimming pool weather!
We look forward to providing our customers and business partners with exceptional service, and we thank everyone who has helped contribute to our growing success.


Address: 1881 N. Delilah St.
Corona, CA 92879
(951) 808-4744
(951) 808-4834

Mark Daniels, Pres.



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