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NECI Superior Enzymes

NECI Superior Enzymes
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NECi Superior Enzymes is focused on using biotechnology to advance green chemistry, environmental monitoring, and quality control. With our expertise in recombinant protein expression and assay development, we manufacture reagent grade enzymes for green analytical chemistry. Why perform analytical testing if it's not going to be accurate or reliable? Enzyme based analytical chemistry offers superior accuracy and reliability while curbing environmental impact, because enzymes are the natural catalysts that exist within nearly every living system to perform specific duties. This makes them excellent candidates as analytical chemistry tools.


Address: 334 Hecla St.
Lake Linden, MI 49945
(906) 296-1115
(888) 648-7283
(906) 296-8003
(888) NIT-RATE

Ellen R. Campbell, C.E.O.

Troy Skidmore, Lab Mgr.



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