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Natare Corp.

Natare Corp.

Natare Corporation is an international manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel pools, spas, and equipment for competition, fitness, leisure, and aquatic recreation. Our engineered systems provide cost-effective solutions that make construction in the most challenging environments possible.
Our dedicated team delivers the technical expertise, specialized knowledge, and years of critical experience that are vital to the design, engineering, and construction of an aquatic facility.
We offer a broad selection of swimming pool equipment and systems including but not limited to stainless steel pools and spas, Natatec® PVC pool lining systems, MicroFlo® vacuum sand filtration systems, movable pool bulkheads, perimeter pool gutters, underwater windows, acrylic panels, and more.
In addition to our complete systems and equipment, we provide a wide range of consulting services with comprehensive assistance for construction, renovation, and facility operation.
With a strong management team and years of experience in all phases of pools, spas and aquatics, you can count on Natare to guide your project from conception to completion.


Address: 5905 W. 74th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46278-1786
(317) 290-8828
(800) 336-8828
(317) 290-9998

Troy Yoder, Sls. Dir.



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