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Multicoat Corp

Multicoat Corp
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Home of "The Blue Stuff, "Multicoat offers long-lasting pool deck resurfacing and basement waterproofing systems. We produce quality below grade waterproofing systems and durable pool deck paint for a great-looking pool area. Multicoat stocks a variety of professional-grade synthetic stucco and concrete restoration systems that are easy to apply and rugged.


Address: 23331 Antonio Pkwy.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
(949) 888-7100
(877) 685-8426
(949) 888-2555

Mike Baham, Acct. Exec.

Ricardo Nieva, Sls.



Manufacturer Brands: Acrathane Colorseal||Aqua-Proof||Bg 2000||I.C.F. Stucco||I.C.F. Stucco System||Krete Kote||Krete Kote System Pool Deck Renovation||Metal Lath Waterproofing System||Metal Lathe Waterproofing System||Micro-Topping||Mulasticoat®||Multi-Base||Multi-Patch||Multi-Stain||Multi-Stamp||Multi-Tex Stucco Systems®||Multi-Tex®||Overlay Stamp Mix||Pond Coat||Scratch Kote||Slatex Below Grade||Slatex Below Grade Waterproofing System||Speed Bond||Speed Mix||Stamp Mix||Stucco-Base||Top Coat

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