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Miracle Swimming Institute’s Conquer Fear Instructor Training

Miracle Swimming Institute’s Conquer Fear Instructor Training
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Miracle Swimming is a new system of teaching -- since 1983-- that guarantees that adults who are afraid in water will learn to swim. We define learning to swim as personal water safety: learning to be comfortable, safe, confident, and free in deep water. Once you overcome your fear of deep water, you can swim: then you may learn strokes if you desire.
Our system is easy and fun. Every single last adult learns to swim -- to be free and confident in water, shallow and deep -- at his/her own pace. On average, this is typically two weeks (48 hours) of Miracle Swimming classes. The "magic" is in the way it's taught. It is a universal teaching paradigm that cannot fail that was released in our DVD in 2000 and in our book in 2006. Adult non-swimmers can learn 30-100% of it by reading our book. Our hope is that every single adult swimming student in the world will have access to this modern system in order to learn successfully the first time, with a smile.


Address: 2404 Hibiscus St.
Sarasota, FL 34239
(941) 921-6420
(800) 723-7946
(941) 870-0694

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