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MillAir Co.

MillAir Co.
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If you have kids, you know what a hassle it is to blow up rafts, floaties and other inflatables. You blow and blow until you’re exhausted and you are seeing stars. You wait a few minutes and you begin again. Then you spend the rest of the time recovering. Or you have a foot pump that takes 20 minutes to fill a raft and leaves you with shin splints. Either way, it’s miserable.
If you’ve ever shaken an open bag or blown into a bag to get air into it, then you know how The Instaflator works. It leverages a common principle to make your life easier.
The Instaflator eliminates the need for you to use your lungs or your feet and it takes a fraction of the time of a regular pump. Perhaps the most exciting thing about The Instaflator is that your kids can work it! As if that weren’t enough, it folds up small enough to fit in your pocket.


Address: 42 S. Almondell Way
Magnolia, TX 77354
(281) 433-8377

Marty Miller, V.P.



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