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Midwest Tropical, Inc.

Midwest Tropical, Inc.
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Midwest Tropical is proud to be a second generation family business which has pioneered bringing design and innovation across the aquarium and water feature industries. Founded in the late 1970's Midwest Tropical has continued to evolve bringing new designs and processes to life.
Our techniques and methods have allowed these unique pieces of aqua art to fit seamlessly into both large and small businesses and homes; working with some of the premier companies across hospitality, healthcare and architectural design.


Address: 3420 W. Touhy Ave.
Skokie, IL 60072
(847) 679-6666
(800) 775-6764
(847) 679-6669

Kenneth Burnett, Pres.



Manufacturer Brands: Aquafall®||Aquavision®||Waterpanels®

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