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Mi-Way, Inc.

Mi-Way, Inc.
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The Aqua Comb was invented by Mark Schreiber in 2010 when he got frustrated trying to clean his pool cartridge filter. The company Mi-Way, Inc. produces the Aqua Comb for both pool and spa cartridge filters. We are a USA based manufacturer.
The Aqua Combs are 100% made in the USA, we ship all over the world and have distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe.
Our patented Aqua Combs combine a powerful flat 3-inch wide water spray with a pic comb that opens the pleats for cleaning, scrubs the sidewalls and picks the debris out of the filter. Aqua Combs are the only product in the market that can and does fully clean a deep pleated
cartridge filter in 3- 5 minutes using less than 5 gallons of water.
We are constantly improving both our products and work hard to support our customers!


Address: 7642 Saddle Creek Trl.
Sarasota, FL 34241
(941) 922-7786
(941) 922-2439

Mark Schreiber, Pres.

Donna Schreiber, Treas.



Manufacturer Brands: Aqua Comb™

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