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Maxi-Sweep, Inc.

Maxi-Sweep, Inc.
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Maxi-Sweep and its 36” vacuum head made vacuuming this pool a breeze.
Maxi-Sweeps are guaranteed, in 35 years with thousands sold we haven’t bought one back
Maxi-Sweep filters 8,000 gph with 225 sq. ft. filter area
Systems include 42”, 36” or 30” vacuum head, 2” x 50’ hose and a set of poles for large pools


Address: 2297 Tall Grass Rd., Unit D
Grand Junction, CO 81505
(970) 858-7266
(800) 279-2071
(970) 858-7404

Marty St. Martin, Pres.

Tena Sandoval, Sls. Rep.



Manufacturer Brands: Maxi-Sweep™

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