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Lumitex, Inc.

Lumitex, Inc.
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Lumitex, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures custom backlighting for Membrane Switches, Keypads, Overlays, LCD’s, and other Displays. We also design and manufacture custom fiber optic devices, surgical and phototherapy lighting systems.
Our patented technologies provide light to sensitive applications – without customary problems of heat, electricity or EMI – in user-friendly forms that fit our customers’ applications.
Lumitex specializes in engineering lighting solutions where efficiency, quality of lighting, manufacturability and cost are primary considerations.The main products designed and developed are backlighting products for LCDs, membrane switches, machine vision, surgical lighting, phototherapy, keypad backlighting, and marine/aviation displays.
Lumitex is built on its unique technology, adaptive applications engineering, and responsive customer service. The technology is based on over 130 patents describing ways of engineering light to deliver it more efficiently and uniformly.
The sales and engineering departments work closely with customers to solve specific design problems and quickly turn around prototypes. Lumitex is armed with an internal and global sales force, with sales representatives around the world.


Address: 8443 Dow Cir.
Strongsville, OH 44136
(440) 243-8401
(800) 969-5483
(440) 243-8402

Sales Department



Manufacturer Brands: Lumiglo®||Polyglo®||Sparkleglo®||Uniglo®

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