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LightArt, a division of 3form, is a lighting fabrication and design studio based in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Every fixture is hand-built and made to order by our team of local artisans, with products ranging from a simple wall sconce to a 35’ tall custom chandelier. From concept to completion, LightArt is with you throughout every step of the process.
LightArt, a division of 3form, came to life in the home kitchen of Ryan Grey Smith and Ahna Holder. When asked to design an 11' chandelier, Ryan knew the sheer scale of the piece demanded an innovative approach. With a pile of sketches and an armful of home improvement tools, a new concept clicked. Ryan set the oven to preheat, donned a pair of oven mitts, and began experimenting.
By heat-forming translucent resin to make it malleable, the chandelier quickly came to life. LightArt was born from that basic idea of manipulating resin to meet unique design demands. From concept to completion, our team of local artisans work directly with designers to create the most appropriate and compelling solutions for any space.


Address: 4770 Ohio Ave. S
Suite A
Seattle, WA 98134 USA

Ryan Smith, President



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