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Lifeguard Purification Systems, LLC

Lifeguard Purification Systems, LLC

Lifeguard Purification Systems was founded in 1988. To date, the company has sold and installed thousands of its products in swimming pools and spas around the world. Its products are also used in ponds, containments, industrial and cooling tower applications.
The Company's first product was a microprocessor based Copper/Silver ionizer that incorporated an automatic pH controller. This combination evolved into the much simpler, less expensive versions incarnated in the MINERALIZER and CHEMIZER products we offer today.


Address: 7028 W. Waters Ave., Ste. 228
Tampa, FL 33634
(813) 875-7777
(800) 678-7439
(813) 998-0909
(800) 6PU-RIFY

Ken Conley, Pres.



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