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Knoxtile was founded in 1952, by Earl Knox. In 1968, Earl's sons David and Bill focused their efforts on creating the company a niche market by branding a high quality line of white porcelain pool tile. Their strategy helped to increase the companies overall scope and expanded the market. Today, company principles Donna and Olon McClendon maintain a sustained approach by encouraging creativity and respecting tradition. By offering the tile industries most innovative and environmentally friendly materials, knoxtile consistently advances their market. knoxtile is located in the historic Dallas neighborhood of Deep Ellum.
Knoxtile representatives are trained in the specified and feasible use of our products. They enthusiastically embrace the challenge of turning your design vision into reality. When we help you specify a product, know it will be available many years to come.


Address: 3034 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 761-5669
(800) 229-5669
(214) 749-5669
(800) 229-KNOX

Robert Olon, V.P./Gen. Mgr.



Manufacturer Brands: Buchtal Chroma System™||Elementile||Royal Mosa™

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