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Jeff Kelly Inc.

Jeff Kelly Inc.
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Personalized Swim Instruction© is a curriculum designed for ages four* to adult, and offers a spectrum of aquatic education from survival to swim team preparation. One of the most unique aspects of our curriculum is that even while teaching our young students the basic techniques needed for survival, we are integrating the correct techniques for competitive swimming. Our curriculum objectives are: 1) Equip students with the skills to survive in a water-related emergency; 2) Develop and refine practical safety and swimming skills, which will provide students with the self-confidence needed to safely enjoy the aquatic environment; 3) Develop strokes that have practical application outside of swim class. We are referring to the competitive swimming strokes of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. If the students desire to pursue competitive swimming, these advanced level classes will provide them with the fundamentals needed for a positive and successful swim team experience. Even if the students who participate in these advanced level classes do not pursue competitive swimming, they will have at least developed the correct techniques for recreational and physical fitness swimming.


Address: 10540 Washington, Ste. 302
Kansas City, MO 64114
(800) 641-7946

Jeff Kelly, Owner



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