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JCH Int’l., Inc.

JCH Int’l., Inc.
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Mats are unsung heroes. They are a necessity in just about every building - commercial, industrial, schools, stores, etc. From Entrance mats that protect floors and visitors; AntiFatigue mats that keep workers comfortable; Safety matting for wet areas and playgrounds; Even heavy duty applications like warehouses and weight rooms. We know just how important mats and matting are to your facility.
Mats are a smart investment - Mats save money in maintenance costs, make floors last longer, reclaims old floors, prevent injuries, increase worker performance, reduces insurance claims, and more!
With over 30 years in the industry, we take matting and specialty flooring seriously. Let us help you with your matting needs.


Address: 978 Hermitage Rd. N.E.
Rome, GA 30161
(706) 295-4111
(800) 328-9203
(706) 295-4114

John Hoglund, Pres.

Maxine Klimek, Sls.



Manufacturer Brands: Griptype||Poolside Carpeting||Safety Slip Tiles||Tube Type Matting

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