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J.P. Austin Associates

J.P. Austin Associates

J.P. Austin / A-Tops is a manufacturer of vermiculite and has been in business since 1962.
Whether you are in retail or installation, new construction or renovation, J.P. Austin manufactures a vermiculite product to suit your needs and offers first class service.
A-Tops Vermiculite Pool Aggregate makes a pool base that won't decay or rot. A-Tops Vermiculite Pool Mix protects vinyl liners from damage and base supports from washout.


Address: 1060 24th St. Ext.
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
P.O. Box 808
(724) 846-6510
(800) 569-6037
(724) 846-3797

P. Jerry Austin, Nat'l. Sls. & Mktg. Mgr.

Dan Vanucci, Plant/Opr. Asst. Mgr.



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