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Insulated Pool Kits, LLC

Insulated Pool Kits, LLC
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We believe that building with the insulated pool wall system is the “Green” way to go. This type of swimming pool is a naturally warmer, smart, energy-efficient pool that incorporates an innovative building system utilizing an Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam (EPS) pool wall panel to build an economical, totally insulated pool, spa, or "spool.” When you complement the insulated pool with an energy-efficient filtration system and heating system (if needed), you have a totally energy-efficient "green" pool.
We offer 80+ designs on our site, but are not limited to those. Our unique insulated EPS pool wall system provides flexibility in design and quality in construction, building an insulated pool structure developed to compliment your lifestyle.


Address: Carmichael, CA
P.O. Box 1635
(800) 348-6916
(916) 488-7665

Jeffrie (Ms.) Rowland, Corp. Managing Dir.



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