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You see beyond the project— you see a fulfilled dream, a growing business, or a better place to work. You are not alone in the expectation and excitement of what your building project can accomplish. We go there with you because we know the foundation of your building is more than the material on which it stands.
The status quo of how buildings are constructed is illogical and risky: Instead of coming into collaboration together for optimum success, others providing architecture, construction, and design compete against each other, leaving the client with the consequences.
Together, we challenge the status quo.
At Iconica, we integrate all phases of the project process because we believe our clients deserve an agile team that focuses on budget and mitigating risks. All of our energy is on you— your reasons, goals, and the “why” of what you do.
Whether this is your first building or your fiftieth, we know each project is a statement about you. Let us help simplify your project so you can focus on your business.


Address: 901 Deming Way, #102
Madison, WI 53717
(608) 664-3500
(608) 664-3535

Tom Pientka, C.E.O.

Bob Feller, Architectural Dir.



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